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The Nuevo Ballet Español and Frei Brothers Reserve Syrah

Sometimes, you want to be dazzled—by life, by dance, and by wine. That’s exactly what’s in store with the Nuevo Ballet Español and Frei Brothers Syrah, two pleasures pulsing with spicy life. Direct from Spain, the Nuevo infuses the untamed passion of flamenco with contemporary jazz and modern dance. Led by the dynamic Angel Rojas and Carlos Rodriguez, their smoldering duets and firecracker footwork heat up the stage. You might call it earthy exoticism, which is just what you’ll find in a bottle of Frei Brothers Syrah, a full-flavored wine with peppery notes of smoke and toast. This voluptuous varietal hails from hearty, prolific vines, resulting in a fruit-forward wine with a gentle sizzle. Because sometimes you’re in the mood for a little spice.