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Wear one, or two, or nothing but. JohnnyJune’s quartet of scents suits every shift in degree, from platonic to flirty to dirty.

How do they feel? A base note of confidence and a body of possibility, topped with a dash of naughty.

Like splitting a sundae at 2 A.M. on Tuesday. With a straw.


Seize it. Pack it. Love it. The simple grace of JohnnyJune’s leather clutch makes it the ideal partner for this season’s classic silhouettes. You can pet it, but you don’t have to feed it.

And then there’s whatever you slip inside: vibrator, blindfold, a pair of scents. Whatever it is, the suede interior cuddles the contents, treating them to a smashing good time.

When you’re ready, cuff the clutch to your wrist, crash a café, and froth at the mouth.


JohnnyJune’s body jewelry circles the neck with a double strand of fine chain, then plunges suggestively to the waist, where it traces the contours of the hips with a sexy twist.

We had to take a breath, too.

During the day, in the early evening, maybe a bit later . . . a wink at your alpha and omega. (Clothing optional.)


Zorro? Cleopatra? Anaïs Nin? Somebody wore blindfolds, somebody very JohnnyJune.  

These flowing sashes of suede and ribbon are elegant and versatile. You can fasten them around one thing or another, and then unfasten them, and use them for that other thing.

For when you’re feeling sashy.